Harmoniums   - 9 SCALE
Portable nine keys changeable, coupler arrangement 3 ¾ octaves, (45 notes) Bass, Male & female, three lines 1st quality Harp Tone reeds, five extra reeds (bases), seven fold bellows, teakwood fancy cabinet, beautiful finish top preformance.

Ordinary Harmonium
3 ¼ octaves, (39 notes) bass and male or male and male, (2 lines) plain keys, flat reed board system, double fold bellows, sliding cover, cabinet with full cover, two extra reeds.

Violin with bow and case
Violin professional model, with adjusters and chin rest, a first class master instrument. Bow professional model, good sound, stick, silver mounted, frog with Parisian eyes, superb master made bow, full size, case, special violin case with stitching on the sides an velvet inside.

Made of selected wood, top preformance.

Tarabdar sitar, German silver 20 frets, 18 strings, Pattidar(leaves on pumkin), double tumba(two pumkins), made of Tan wood, rose wood pegs, super fine decoration with different faces on the top.

Tabla pair
Tabla of hardwood shell, dagga or base nickel-plate, full size, engraved dagga with hammer, rings and bag

Hardwood shell with top performance, full size, professional model, bracket mechanism.

Electronic Tabla
Excellent sound, full octave , different talls with variations with compact inbuilt speaker and a special feafture for the first time.

Saraswathi Veera
Full size veera, beautifully carved, high polished with rosewood pegs and with the dragon bead on the top.

Paul and CO Harmonium: 9/3 Professional Scale Changer
Specifications: Paul 9/3 - a scale - 3 sets, of professional Palitana reeds. Auto push mechanism. 11 stops - 7 drones - collapsible model.